Floyd F.

Floyd  joined the United States Naval Reserve in 1965 while attending his senior year at California State University. Due to a two-year active duty requirement, Floyd had to put his studies on hold and was unable to finish his undergraduate degree until 1976. Floyd’s life then settled into stability for the next twenty one years. Then, in his early 60′s, Floyd’s job at a small private university in San Francisco was eliminated. Wanting to continue forward, Floyd decided to go back to school and pursue a graduate degree. In 2008 Floyd completed an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from the Dominican University of California. But now Floyd faced a new challenge: paying the student loans he took out to pay for his MBA and finding work in an downwardly spiraling economy. Despite his long history of employment and fine academic credentials, Floyd has been unable to find new employment. Living only off of a military pension of one thousand dollars a month, Floyd’s student loan payments have all been put into hardship status. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your donation can help this Vietnam Era veteran achieve the life that he has worked so long, and contributed so much, to earn.