Patricia C.

Growing up in North Carolina, Patricia was raised to understand the value of education. In 1978, Patricia joined the United States Army. After her honorable separation from service, Patricia attended the Miller-Motte Business College and received a diploma in general Secretarial Studies. Partricia also attended Forsyth Technical College and earned a certificate in the Unit Secretarial Program. Currently, Patricia volunteers with the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters program and is an active missionary worker in her church and community. Unfortunately, due to the current economy, Patricia has become the sole income in her household. The situation has forced Patricia into making the choice between working more hours, or a second job, and performing community service. Between the cost of living and her high student loan payments, something has to give. But with your help, Patricia has been freed from one major bill: her student loan debt. By donating, you not only helped Patricia, but also the many people that rely on her community service to get by day after day. Thank you.