Veteran Unemployment As An Issue
Veterans receive the highest quality training the world has to offer because the U.S. government allocates a significant percentage of our national treasure in the strategic advantage of maintaining a highly skilled armed force. In fact, for highly specialized military jobs, known as Military Occupations Specialties, or MOS, the Department of Defense spends upwards of $250,000 per Soldier for his/her initial education and technical training. Given the significant material investment that we as taxpayers make in our nation’s sons and daughters, and the subsequent education and training they receive, why are Veterans returning home to a higher unemployment rate than the national average? While the reasons are multifaceted, there is a general consensus that we as a nation must make a concerted effort to reintegrate our Veterans into the civilian world- not just because it’s the patriotic course of action, but because it is the prudent course of action by virtue of Veterans’ varying technical skills and extensive leadership experience.

Our Solution
In order to address the issue of veteran unemployment Leave No Veteran Behind decided to leverage the one thing that has made our nation great; entrepreneurism. It was decided that our agency would take on fee for service contracts that employ veterans in transitional jobs directly.  By taking on fee for service contracts, Leave No Veteran Behind leverages the military and civilian business experience of our administrative team to create a bridge for Veterans with barriers to employment that are generally misunderstood by the civilian job market. Not only does this methodology provide Veterans needed experience, on the job training, and referral services for their specific needs, it also provides income so that they can move themselves and their families into sustainable financial conditions.

To learn more about this process, go to our Transitional Employment and Training sections.